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Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

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Because CNN is all down with the Internizzle, American Morning has been having anchor Miles O’Brien stand in the studio in front of a bank of video feeds, streaming in from cnn.com, and narrating the action. Here’s O’Brien at 8:43 this morning, as the studio camera panned across the video wall:

Let’s look at the some of the feeds we have coming in right now. Incoming 85, that’s a water main break somewhere, we’re trying to figure out where that’s coming in from, as soon as we get some information for you, we’ll bring it to you. Incoming 86, look at Chicago. Wow. That looks like the tundra, doesn’t it? 22 degrees there now, snowy, but don’t worry, it’s going to warm up to 25 today. And let’s see, that’s something out of Mobile, Alabama, still trying to work on that as well…

Reviewing your headlines for this morning: there’s a water main break somewhere, it is cold in Chicago and something is happening in Mobile. Thank God for convergence.