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Zucker's Viral Vitriol

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Monday I wrote about the impending rise of Jeff Zucker to the top of NBC Universal. Yesterday, I made an effort to say something nice about him. Even though he had shown little taste or aesthetic savvy in picking shows for NBC, even though he had presided over a major decline in NBC’s ratings and been rewarded for it, you still, I wrote, had to say this for him: he was one entertainment executive who got where the business was going. He knew that TV was not going to be what TV was five years ago. He knew, unlike many in his business, that you had to cut deals with the likes of YouTube and iTunes, not posture against them.

Today in the Financial Times (link courtesy of tvtattle): Jeff Zucker postures against YouTube.

Sigh… work with me here, Jeff. I’m trying to find nice things to say about you. But I you need to give me some material.