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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

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Friday Night Lights, in full HDTV glory, thanks to the valiant efforts of Jean from Time Warner Cable, who unlike many cable servicepeople I have encountered over the years, did not stare at my Tivo box as if he were being asked to assemble a particle supercollider. Beyond that–well, we’ve got Lost (already watched, more on that later) and The Knights of Prosperity, but really all bets are off. Now that I have the chance to watch actual HD programs on my HDTV, I may find myself drifting to Discovery HD Theater, or, as it’s known in my house the Crap That Looks Really Good In High-Definition Channel.

With the holidays just over, I’ll bet many of you have installed gleaming new, big-screened, flat-paneled monuments to the sedentary lifestyle in your living rooms too. Has having HD changed your viewing habits at all? Is it all landscape panoramas and extreme closeups of bugs for you now?