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And Now for This Important Message from Your Fat Gut

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OK, so 45 minutes to game time — there are what, like three people using the Internet right now? Still, I’m multitasking with my laptop in front of the TV, so I may as well post. I’m going to be rating the Super Bowl ads for our Monday-morning postmortem at time.com. But I may have already found my winner in the pregame show: the NutriSystem ads aimed at men. Genius: catch tens of millions of American dudes, right as the guac-laden chip is halfway from bowl to mouth, and hit them with an ad that not only reminds them their significant others would like them to do something about that gut, but provides a dude-friendly context for a man to care about his weight.

Not that, I’m sure, it’s going to keep anyone from the jalapeno poppers tonight. But tomorrow is another day.