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Too Few Commercials on TV? YouTube Has the Answer!

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Speaking of Super Bowl ads, a few days ago in a post about big advertisers sitting the game out, a reader commented that the commercials have been less effective because the games are less interesting:

Coaches challenges suck the life right out of a series. Players can’t celebrate naturally whenever they make a good play without getting flagged. Bad refereeing lands the wrong teams in the game in the first place. And ever since the Jackson/Timberlake nipplegate a few years back, the FCC and Congress want to pre-approve the freaking halftime shows now.

My reply:

I’d gladly watch the Super Bowl for nothing but the ads–but the last couple years of ads, at least, have been retrograde and dull. I never want to see a talking animal again. I miss the late-90s era of wasteful, hilarious dot-com ads.

Well, it turns out the dot-com commercials are still out there. They’re just not on TV. Mindful of the crash-and-burn of their predecessors who spent lavishly on TV advertising, a group of dot-com companies have sprung for an ad channel on YouTube. I’m partial to this Technorati spot, which repurposes a scene from The Big Lebowski, but as they say on the Internets, YMMV.