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Lostwatch: You'll Have to Wait Another Week Edition

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Have I mentioned that I already have the new Lost? Why, yes. Yes, I have. But it bears repeating. I already have the new Lost. Ha ha, etc.

Have I mentioned that I have already watched the new Lost? Why, no. No, I haven’t. And I won’t spoil anything for you now–unless you beg, beg like a trained puppy–but suffice it to say: certain things happen. Certain things happen that you spent last fall waiting to happen. I don’t want to oversell this (I know Lost fans, and you will find reasons to be disappointed), but if last fall’s mini-run had been seven episodes and not six (ending with that ridiculous non-cliffhanger cliffhanger), people may not have been quite so pissed off. For once this season, even the flashback has new information, because it’s about Juliet, the who’s-side-is-she-on Other.

Have I mentioned that I am holding the new Lost DVD in my hand and am caressing it oh so tenderly? It’s so, so pretty.