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Tuned Up!; Also, We Are Now Taking Your Calls

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Regular Tuned In readers–humor me–will notice some changes today. I’ve been exported over to the Moveable Type publishing platform, which means, among other things, a larger author photo and the schmancy banner picture above, which, I can assure you from the lack of mayonnaise smears and “GO TO ATM” Post-Its on the clean woodgrain, is not my actual desk.

There’s also a new URL. The old one will work for only a few more weeks, so bookmark the new one. (Again, humor me.)

In exchange for the inconvenience of having to look at a bigger picture of my head, there are some benefits. Mainly, after this blog has existed for a mere sixteen months, we’ve added a Comments section. (I know. We’re early adopters here at Tuned In! Next year I hear they’re going to get us one of those fax machines.) So now you can provide free content for a gigantic, rich media corporation participate in the conversation and engage in building our community. Ideas, musings, corrections and input will be welcomed; praise will be cherished; criticism, worn like a badge of honor.

This is your chance to play God: prove to me that you exist!