Tuned In

No, YOU'RE Out of Order!

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I’m going to turn things over for a brief guest post by my current e-mail autoreply. Take it away, Auto!

I will be on jury duty beginning January 22 and, unless the Brooklyn Supreme Court has decided to splurge on free wi-fi, will be unable to retrieve e-mail during the day.

In other words, expect posting–much less my blessed watching-TV-during-the-daytime–to be light until I’ve done my hitch. I am perversely hoping to get picked; Tuned In, as you know, serves up a rough and swift breed of justice. I’ve never actually made a jury in all my years of citizenship (the voir dire process does not look kindly on journalists), but if I do this time, I’ll be sure to let you know how the trial stands up against Law and Order.