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But They Use Entirely Different Brands of Microphone!

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OK, it would be unseemly of me to keep picking on Studio 60 week after week. But this time I’m not just picking on Studio 60, I swear.

NBC has taken pains to swear up and down that, even though they are on the same network, Studio 60 and the other NBC inside-late-night-comedy show 30 Rock are really, really different shows. How different? In last night’s episode of Studio 60, a Vanity Fair reporter (Christine Lahti) gets tipped off to behind-the-scenes gossip when an actor (D. L. Hughley) talks about it while still wearing his microphone, allowing her to hear the whole thing over the production headsets.

In this week’s episode of 30 Rock, producer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) alienates her staff by sharing behind-the-scenes gossip while still wearing… well, you get the picture.

Next week on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon still carries a torch for her born-again Christian lead actor. And next week on Studio 60, Steven Weber turns into Alec Baldwin.