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No News is Good News

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The news has co-operated tonight by not overshadowing Couric with any important breaking events, allowing all us media analysts to focus on the truly substantive matter of what she’s wearing. (Eye-grabbing but not-too-girly bright-white jacket.) Instead, the broadcast opens with a packaged piece by Lara Logan on the Taliban, followed by a summary of today’s Bush speech on the war on terror. A sign of a focus on world news? An effort to establish Couric’s gravitas?

I though Katie might to a Bob Schieffer-like sidebar with Jim Axelrod on his Bush report. Instead, she cuts to her interview with the New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman, who immediately establishes her America’s-neighbor credentials by beaming and calling her "Katie" about a million times. (OK, several.) Now he looks really happy to be here.