Tuned In

Katie Couric, Minute by Minute

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Tonight, Katie Couric embarks on the noble challenge of teaching Americans under 75 that there is a show that comes on the air before The Insider and Entertainment Tonight. Couric takes the helm of The CBS Evening News, and Tuned In–always proud to be your one-stop source for instant premature judgment and overcoverage of overhyped media events–combines those two pleasures into one by liveblogging her debut. Join us as we analyze minute-by-minute Couric’s premiere behind the desk, or astride the lectern, or dangling upside down from the trapeze, or upon whatever dazzling, expensive set configuration Les Moonves has dreamed up to keep viewers watching the newscast for more than a night or two of morbid curiosity.

Will her conversational style translate from morning to evening? Will there be fewer commercials for protective adult undergarments? Will there be a cooking segment? You can read my take–and watch for yourself at the cbs.com web simulcast–starting around 6:30 ET tonight. After which, I promise, you don’t need to watch an evening newscast for another ten years.