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Connie Chung Saves TV News

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Say this for Connie Chung: She has made any future TV network think twice about cancelling her shows. What MSNBC got for killing her minimally-rated talk show with husband Maury Povich, "Weekends with Maury and Connie," was nearly three minutes of Lynchian weirdness as the former CBS and CNN anchor stood on a grand piano and belted out a tuneless goodbye, to the tune of "Thanks for the Memories":
"The thing I loved the most/ ‘Bout hubby as co-host/ Is all those other anchors were as dull as melba toast!" Etc. Watch it here, though I am not liable if your computer melts.

I’ll tell you this, though. I hardly ever watched "Weekends," nor, before that, her sensationalistic nightly monstrosity on CNN. But an anchor going nuts, Broadway-style, in an evening gown? That’s a TiVo season pass! I think we’ve just found the solution to the network evening news crisis. Somebody get Katie Couric a piano player, stat.